• Thuglife87


    January 15, 2018 by Thuglife87

    Hi human beings, remember me? I am a pteranodon, my name is pteranodon but call me thuglife, and if you think any other dinosaur is better than me, please state his/her name to me, I shall beat those brainless dinosaurs (like the indominus rex) and continue to ask my autograph.


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  • Jyp tv

    Bronze Class Bite:Baryonyx Carcharodontosaurus Brachiosaurus Spinosaurus Charge:triceratops Dilophosaurus Pachycephalosaurus Ankylosaurus Parasaurolophus Swipe:Velocirapter Ceratosaurus Compsognathus Silver Class Bite:Camarasaurus Acrocanthosaurus Charge:Allosaurus Torosaurus Swipe:Gallimimus Corythosaurus Pterodactylus Troodon Pteranodon Gold Class Bite:Tyrannosaurus Ouranosaurus Iguanodon Brontosaurus Amargasaurus Yutyrannus Charge:Stegosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus Carnotaurus Tuojiangosaurus Swipe:Albertosaurus Edmontosaurus Dryosaurus

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  • Jyp tv

    Jurassic Park

    November 19, 2017 by Jyp tv

    Jurassic Park is the first section of the park available in Jurassic Park Builder. It has two types of dinosaurs/reptile: Carnivores and Herbivores, and two types of food: Carnivores eat Meat Jurassic Meat and Herbivores eat Crops Jurassic Crops. CROPS

    Most classic dinosaurs/reptile can be created in three steps: Amber acquisition, Research, then purchased in the market with coins Coins. Limited dinosaurs can only be purchased with Dino Dollars Bucks. While one dinosaur/aquatic reptile in each of the three parks cost real money. DNA Rescue Dinosaurs can be obtained in tournament

    Decorations and Buildings can be created and are available in the market. Buildings produce coins Coins and decorations boosts the coin production of both dinosaurs …

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  • Julian Goh Ken Kheng

    Attention to all users, I have made a change of day for submitting answers. You can submit your answers before Sunday. Once I write down the answer, I will make a new question for you. This is because I will be very busy and have a lot of work to do. Hope this will help you, guys. Keep building!

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  • Julian Goh Ken Kheng

    Hey, guys. I will ask questions about dinosaurs, Jurassic Park and other prehistoric creatures on every Sunday. You have only six days to answer each question before Friday. On Friday, I will give the answer for each question. And I will start the quiz on Sunday. Jurassic Quiz will help you to test your Dino Knowledge. It's OK if you don't know the answer, you can just wait until Friday. If you answer is wrong, don't worry. You can just improve yourself. Anyway, that's the end of it. The first quiz starts on 7th May 2017.

    Be prepared, EVERYONE!! :)

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  • Julian Goh Ken Kheng

    Hey, guys. I will check the Wiki Activity everyday. If anyone who is causing serious trouble, I will report to Legoanimals750. So thank you to all the users including admins for understanding. Keep BUILDING!! :)

    List of serious troubles:

    1. Creating useless pages
    2. Attacking my profile
    3. Messing with the other pages
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  • Indominous Rex

    I am not dead!!!

    December 22, 2016 by Indominous Rex

    Hi Pathetic People:

    I just wanted to say that mosasaurus didn't killed me and I AM ALIVE.

    Thank You

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  • Legoanimals750


    August 5, 2016 by Legoanimals750

    Hey everyone. I just want to remind you there is still an Active/semi-active admin here (me). So if there's any spam just report it to me on my wall. Thanks. 

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  • LadyGryphonInia


    1. Move all screenshots from mobile;
    2. Upload them to the wiki;
    3. Prettify existing articles with extra galleries;
    4. Add missing Categories;
    5. Finish adding articles to Jurassic Park Builder A - Z
    6. TBA
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  • Swolesaurus Flex

    Hey guys!

    I'm here to share a tip or two each week to increase the amount of currency (be it coins or dollars) that your park can earn you! I will expand this as I go along. Enjoy!

    1. Build as many building as possible
    • Think about how much time passes before you check your park each time. For me, it's usually 2-3 times a day with a few hours in between.
    • Now, look through the buildings that are available to you, and decide which one is best to build en masse.
      • How much does it cost vs. how much will you be able to collect from it at full capacity
      • How much space does that building take up
      • Overall, what is the most price / area / profit efficient building I can just make a shit ton of?
      • As you can see in the picture to my left, I have a bunch of buildings…
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  • Joshua040810

    I think we can put our differences behind us, for science, you monster.

    (Portal 2 quote)

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  • Jets731

    First blog post

    August 16, 2015 by Jets731
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  • Nokmote5922

    Dudas opiniones añadidos y demas para los jugadores latinos en español. 

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  • Sjonnoh

    dino charts

    April 9, 2015 by Sjonnoh

    Hey there everyone! Yesterday I decided I wanted to help with filling in all the dino charts with their levels and their lifepoints, damage ect. Now I realized that the charts of the seadinosaurs and the ice age animals dont have the life and damage section, while when you click on the edit button and you click on the chart, you still can fill in the numbers for minimum damage/maximum damage ect but it still doesn't show when you finish the editing.

    So my question is: Why can't we see the part of the chart from the water dinos and ice age animals which containts the life points, min and max damage?

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  • Legoanimals750

    I have tons of Jurassic Park Builder screenshots. Should i keep adding the screen shots of every animal evolution?  Or should I stop? Thoughts?

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  • BlackMoon914

    Adoption Request

    March 7, 2015 by BlackMoon914

    Greetings JPB contributors! 

    Thank you very much for reading this, I have filed an adoption request to wikia in order to obtain admin status, because Jurassic Park Builder Wiki needs to be improved more and only admins can do that, such as adding favicon to this wiki. Once I get your support, I will make Dinoguy1000 an admin too since this contributor is active and willing to administrate this wiki. 

    I need to notify the JPB community before the adoption as a formal process, therefore I need your support so we can make JPB wiki better!

    Please support me by commenting.

    Thank you very much.


    Black Moon 11:22, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Dinoguy1000

    Adoption request

    December 13, 2014 by Dinoguy1000

    Hello everyone! I've filed an adoption request for this wiki to fix a copy-paste page move, and perhaps to clear out spammy article comments. As part of the general process for these requests, I need to notify the community (or, as in this case, the random assortment of editors that happens to be present at this time) to make sure there are no objections. If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to leave a comment here or on the adoption request itself. Cheers! =)

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  • Al.tor.925

    Efficient play

    September 24, 2014 by Al.tor.925

    Get to the level 14 and build 100 repair bays. Get to the level 16 and build additional 260 infirmary. Substitute repair bays to have 360 infirmary. Build 200 safaris, and your yield is 500,000 in 2 hours plus animals. Medical wards in glacial park yield 2%. Ultimately 1.5m 2 hour yield can be achieved.

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  • Kraagan

    Hi everybody!

    This is my first blog on this site, so please, don't be too harsh with me. First of all, English is not my mother tongue and sometimes it may be difficult to understand what I'm trying to say, I'm sorry.

    What I'm trying to do here is to enlighten the basics of taking the way of dino-battle in order to speed up your park building. I strongly recommend a regular use of Battle Arena for players who log in and play at least one hour a day. Why? Easy, the rewards from battle can double (or more) your dino growth and so, your incomes.

    Now, battling enemy dinos is never counter-productive because it is always free (unless you're willing to pay bucks to re-battle again instantly, which I don't advise), but it can be very very inefficien…

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  • LadyGryphonInia


    February 6, 2014 by LadyGryphonInia

    I might be coming occasionally to contribute a fact or two, but not sure if I will manage beyond that since I have my own wikia to see to completion, but I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the awesome wiki already. It is very useful and I check it out often for a fact or two. Good luck!

    P.S. If there is something that you need to tweak with my edits or move to another page, feel free to, though I tried to find the best corresponding articel to submit info to. 

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  • Steel-eyed dinosaur

    I've decided to create a post that will help players to manage their parks better. While it is almost impossible to say what a player should do with their coins, bucks, and food, there are however certain priorities that a player should keep in mind while managing their parks. These priorities will likely trump any of the so called tips, tricks, and cheats you'll find on the internet and give valuable insight into exactly how to manage your park no matter how far you are into the game. Okay so let's get started!  


    Just how important are the harbors? Well you will be activating the harbors until every last dinosaur is leveled up to max, making the harbors one of the most crucial aspects of the game. The three things that players shoul…

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  • Steel-eyed dinosaur

    The following is my recreation of the Battle page while adding a rewards column to the table.

    Stage Opponents Initial Rewards
    1 Triceratops Lvl 2    8     1 - 6 [Bronze] 500   100   5 
    [Silver] 1000   200 10
    [Gold] 1500    300   1
    2 Dilophosaurus Lvl 3    22     1 - 6 [Bronze] 1000   200   5
    [Silver] 2000   400   5
    [Gold] 3000   600   1
    3 Velociraptor Lvl 4    46     2 - 12 [Bronze] 1500   300   5
    [Silver] 3000   600   10
    [Gold] 4500   50   1
    4 Triceratops Lvl 6    22     1 - 6

    Dilophosaurus Lvl 6    43     2 - 12

    [Bronze] 2000   400   5
    [Silver] 4000   800   10
    [Gold] 6000   1200   1
    5 Dilophosaurus Lvl 6    43     2 - 12 

    Velociraptor Lvl 6    69     3 - 18

    [Bronze] 2500   500   5
    [Silver] 5000   1000   10
    [Gold] 7500   1500   1
    6 Triceratops Lvl 8    29   …

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  • Steel-eyed dinosaur

    Since most of the dinosaurs in the main park are available to purchase for coins (Normal dinosaurs) I have compiled a list of their overall earnings rank. Check out my blog post Special Dinosaurs Earnings Rank for the top coin earners out of the 8 special dinosaurs purchased with bucks. As I mentioned previously, players should keep in mind that these ranks are based on the amount of coins accumulated every 5 minutes. Therefore just because a dinosaur has a higher earnings rank, does not necessarily mean that it will earn a player more coins overall. It depends on how often players frequent their parks and collect their earnings.

    8. Triceratops

    So is the Triceratops really the fastest earner like many players think? Yes and No. It is the fas…

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  • Steel-eyed dinosaur

    For starters I just want to start off saying that there are many Jurassic Park Builder players who have been playing much longer than me and who are further in the game than I am. However, many of them have learned along the way what strategies work while others may have failed to balance their Park(s) properly. This first blog post is designed to give newer players as well as experienced players the heads up in terms of which (bucks purchased) dinosaurs are the huge earners in the game. However, players should keep in mind that the frequency of how often they check their parks will determine the best overall strategy of play. 

    1. Tuojiangosaurus

    Okay, perhaps you were expecting a dinosaur that didn't cost you 70 bucks and was Limited to be …

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