Missions in Jurassic Park Builder are Goals given to you by Characters that offer extra rewards. A Mission will often have multiple objective each of which must be completed (order does not matter). Once all objectives are complete you'll receive the rewards: some combination of Experience Points, food, Coins and Bucks.

There are different types of objectives, but here are some of the more common ones:

  • Collect from a [dinosaur/building] X times.
  • Collect X coins from a [dinosaur/building].
  • Feed an [dinosaur] X times.
  • Level up a [dinosaur].
  • Place a [dinosaur].
  • Place X [building/decoration]s.
  • Have X [building/decoration]s.
  • Move X [building/decoration]s. (Note: you only have to select Move then Accept, it doesn't actually have to change position).
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Like almost everything else, Missions are Park-specific. A Mission given in one park will not include objectives that need to be accomplished in another park, this also means that in the rare times that an objective sounds like it could be completed in another park (like placing a Volcano when both the Jurassic and the Aquatic Park have volcanos), don't bother trying. You can only have one active mission per character per park, and since there are 5 Characters, you can only have 5 active missions per park.

Generally, you do not get "credit" for things you've already done. There are a few exceptions like for placing a dinosaur or the "Have X [building/decoration]." Also objectives will not cost Bucks. Actions like purchases or collecting coins may count toward multiple Missions. So before you buy that Volcano to met that "Move a Volcano" objective, finish any other missions to make sure you get full credit for buying the Volcano too.

The early mission "Happy Birthday" says: Touch the egg and then press the Speed Up button to make the egg hatch immediately. This normally does cost bucks, but if you press Speed Up and then let the timer expire, the Speed Up (and the mission) will be "completed", for 0 Bucks! Also, "Rest Up" required adding a Beach (30 Bucks), but this was later changed to a White Tree Fern.

Also, here is a good shortcut for players short on cash/wishing to conserve coins. When part of a mission is to move X number of decorations/dinosaurs/buildings, instead of buying/moving different items/animals every single time you can simply move 1 dinosaur/decoration/building as many times as the particular mission requires. Example, the higher-level missions require you to move 6 Big Sculptures in Aquatic Park (each costing roughly 1 million each). Using the advice above, a player simply needs to buy 1 sculpture and move it 6 times. It would not cost as much (only half the value of the sculpture once sold back instead of wasting 6.6 million coins and only getting a half back) and you will be able to save coins for other stuff. One does not need to even move the sculpture someplace else: simply click move and click yes exactly as many times as necessary for the mission.

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