Dino Dollars Promo

Dino Dollars is an in-game currency used for buying dinosaurs from the shop or used to speed things up. The following is a list of dinosaurs/creatures that cost Dino Dollars and temporarily go on sale, including what the original and sale price is as well as when the last time it was on sale was.

To aquire Dino Dollars, you can complete missions, win DNA tournaments or buy them in the shop with real currency.

DNA Rescue dinosaur starts at 720 Bucks but can be reduced to 0 Bucks if enough tournaments are won.

Limited Dinosaur found through sending out expeditions in Aquatic/Glacier park. Easiest way to get these is send out a full expedition and then immediately speed it up and keep doing that until you get the DNA, costing 14 Bucks per try (5 Bucks full expedition + 9 Bucks speed return), or pay immediately 359 Bucks DNA in expedition.

Aquatic DNA Expedition
Glacier DNA Expedition