Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Afternoon Tea Level 21 Take your tea to go because we're not staying long. We're scheduled to go down to the specimen sites this morning and make the rounds. Place 5 roads.
Place a decoration.
2600 XP
1200 coins
2 Crowd Control Level 22 Some of our guests are getting confused or lost by the vast layout of Glacier Park. We can ameliorate the situation by installing members of our staff as guides.  Place 2 Info Igloos.
Move a building.
2800 XP
1600 coins
3 Home On The Range Complete Pre-flight Check - Kelly mission Hammond thinks the Megaloceros specimens need more space to spread out. What can we do to accommodate them? Move a Megaloceros.
Level up a Megaloceros.
3600 XP
2000 coins
1 dollar
4 Surface Details Complete Doctor's Appointment - Dr. Wu mission Dr. Wu wants us to check out these cracks appearing along the surface of the ice aorund Operations. Since we're short on staff, it seems the task falls to us. Expand the Glacier Park.
Move 2 buildings.
3900 XP
2600 coins
1 dollar
5 Those Wonderful Toys Complete Up In The Air - Kelly mission A few of the employees have requested more mobile and tablet devices to help with work around the park. How's our budget so far? Collect 1500 coins from the Glacial History Museum with at least a 3% bonus.
Collect 10,000 coins from animals.
4500 XP
4100 coins
1 dollar
6 Challenge Accepted Those Wonderful Toys Dr. Grant isn't the only celebrity scientist here. Let's, um, show Hammond just what we're capable of.  Collect 4,000 coins from a Megistotherium.
Have 4 stars collectively from all animals.
11500 XP
8300 coins
1 dollar
7 Cold Snap Level 41 Hammond has big plans to extend the Glacier Park service route into this village. Don't worry about Grant - we'll manage on our own for now. Sell a Fir Tree.
Place 13 roads.
18600 XP
47200 coins
8 Random Events Level 44 Glacier Park won't receive any shipments unless we keep Dr. Grant focused on the task at hand. We've got to finish this service route. Put a River and a Bridge close together.
Place a Garden.
21300 XP
30500 coins
1 dollar
9 Only In Science Fiction Level 56 The newspaper reporter is willing to tell us where the "barnyard animal" is. But he also wants a, um, sizeable tip in return. So who's got cash on them? Collect 900,000 coins from animals with at least a 7% bonus.
Collect 50,000 coins from buildings with at least a 10% bonus.
34200 XP
67100 coins
1 dollar
? Not Quite The Same Thing Level 62 Dr. Grant thinks it would be hilarious if I'm the one who feeds Junior. What does a hairy, overgrown elephant eat anyway? Collect 700 crops.
Place 2 Rivers.
Place a Red Berry Tree.
41700 XP
90800 coins
1 dollar
? Anything Goes Level 70 Does the mother mammoth know we have her baby in the trailer? Try to get her attention! Have 4,000 meat.
Collect from a Woolly Mammoth 3 times with at least a 30% bonus.
Put 2 Frozen Lakes around a Woolly Mammoth close together.
53000 XP
128000 coins
1 dollar
? Among The Wild Level 74 I can tell I'm going to have a tough time convincing Dr. Grant. We'll proceed with these operations first while I work on what's best for these animals. Place a decoration.
Remove 10 roads.
Collect 5000 coins from the Security Bureau.
59100 XP
149000 coins
1 dollar
Two Can Play This Game ? Before taking over the expedition, I'll need to make a few preliminary checks of our present location on the ice fields Have 5 snowy trees

Place a Compsagnathus a new attraction - yes this is correct! That is what it says.

Collect 100,000 coins from buildings with at least a 15% bonus

302,400 XP

35500 coins

? Gathering Clues Level 86 We need to investigate and gather information from Snow White's village by checking out various clues. Collect 20600 coins from a Crystal Clock

Place 2 Lookout Points

Place a Souvenir Outpost and a Hotel Four Winds together

198700 XP



Relief Aid Level 92? I'm so glad that Kelly is safe again. Let's make sure she and other members of the team have ample food supplies. Collect 5,000 meat from the Meat Harbor.

Have 5,500 crops.

Place 3 Aurora Restaurants.

212700 XP

230000 coins

Case Closed? Relief Aid

Level 94

Help Dr. Malcolm examine the area around the suspect they have found named Dr. Carol Milton. Collect 5,000 coins from a Watch Tower.

Place a Lookout Point.

Move a Polar Observatory.

222200 XP

240000 coins

Blip On The Radar Level 95? Has the ship been detected by Dr. Malcolm? Only one way to find out for sure. Have 4 Communication Relays.

Have 5 Lookout Points.

Collect 6,000 coins from a Watch Tower.

237000 XP

127500 coins

1 dollar

No Place Like Home Level 104 Dr. Malcolm needs to verify Dr. Grant's findings on the white sabretooth tigers. He'll need a helping hand with this. Collect from 4 buildings.

Have 5 Caves.

Move 8 Torches.

247000 XP

132500 coins

1 dollar

Round Up Part 1 Level 104 Dr. Malcolm and his small field team are herding some of the plant-eating mammals back into the Arc Atlantic. Have 9 Red Berry Trees.

Have 6 Waterfalls.

Have 98,000 Crops.

257300 XP

137500 coins

1 dollar