Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Just My Luck Complete Paradise On Ice - Hammond mission Ah, just my luck. One of our microscopes shattered while being shipped over here. We'll need to collect some money and purchase a new one before we open the lab. Place a building.
Collect 500 coins from buildings.
2400 XP
500 coins
1 dollar
2 Embarrassment of Riches Complete Crowd Control - Malcolm mission If the amount of frozen DNA samples keeps up, I'll have to hire more lab technicians. How many of them can you process before the day is out? Collect from a building with at least a 5% bonus.
Collect from the Meat Harbor 3 times.
2800 XP
800 coins
3 Natural Defense Complete I'm On Vacation - Grant mission Take a shovel. We're planting a line of trees to help shield the museum from the high winds we've been getting lately.  Create a path from the gateway to the Glacial History Museum using roads.
Put 2 Fir Trees around a Glacial History Museum close together.
3100 XP
1100 coins
1 dollar
4 Doctor's Appointment Level 26 Our chief engineer says there's a problem with one of the main buildings in the park. Find Dr. Malcolm, he'll be waiting for you at security.  Create a path from the Gateway to the Security Bureau using roads.
Place 2 Leafless Trees.
3900 XP
5200 coins
5 Cold Hard Facts Level 34 Start by taking Patagonian samples and rum them against our database from the Swiss Alps or nothern territories in Canada.   Place a Small Pansies Bed.
Upgrade the crops harbor.
12900 XP
11000 coins
1 dollar
6 Puzzle Pieces Level 40 We received a cold box containing a vial of mastodon embryo from our friend the 'Iceman'. We'll start by reverse engineering its DNA sequence. Collect from the Medical Ward 2 times.
Collect 3,000 coins from the Sarkastodon with at least a 10% bonus.
17700 XP
21500 coins
1 dollar
7 Freezing Point Level 46 Let's use some of the new specimens we've discovered to correlate some of the geological data leftover from the last ice age. Collect 500,000 coins from animals.
Have 1,000,000 coins.
23200 XP
35600 coins
1 dollar
8 Lab Assessment Level 52 Hammond wants that analysis done soon. Let's get back to the lab and process the collected samples from the female mammoth. Place 2 Medium Fossils around the Woolly Mammoth close together.
Put 2 Gardens around a Polar Observatory close together. 
29500 XP
53300 coins
1 dollar
9 A Temporary Setback Level 55 Sorry for getting upset earlier. I spent a week resequencing that DNA and now my test sites are completely ransacked. Do you mind helping me clean up? Move 4 Snowy Trees.
Place a Medium Pansies Bed.
33000 XP
127000 coins
? Thunder From The Ground Level 59 The sound of the glaciers cracking in the distance is making the animals so nervous they refuse to eat or let anyone go near them. We have to calm them down. Move a Gastornis.
Collect from a Sarkastodon.
Have a Peltephilus at Level 18.
37800 XP
157000 coins
? Warning Signs Level 66 As Glacier Park is located near the base of a mountain, I want us to be ready in case of an avalanche. Run some of these emergency procedures and report in afterwards. Put a Polar Observatory and a Frozen Lake close together.
Collect 100,000 coins from the Security Bureau with at least a 25% bonus.
Place 2 Torches.
47200 XP
108600 coins
1 dollar
? No Record Level 71 I promised Kelly that I would take a look at our old company employee records. The problem is that they're not electronic and kept somewhere in storage. Have 10 stars collectively for carnivores.
Place 3 Info Igloos.
Collect from an Entelodon with at least a 17% bonus.
54500 XP
266200 coins
? Let's Stick Together   Level 80 We're going to have a really tough time realigning the satellite and

hooking up our communications system in this weather.  Stay warm.

have 4 Igloos. Move 3 decorations. Have 2 communication relays. 

344500 XP. 183500 coins. 1 dollar. 
Providing Backup Level 82 Kelly is heading back to the communications center but we'll stay here and repair the auxiliary systems the will keep Glacier Park powered a little longer. Collect 700,000 coins from buildings.

Collect 80,000 coins from any animal with at least a 25% bonus.

Place 10 roads.

361700 XP

195000 coins

1 dollar

Emergency Teams Level 90 The emergency response teams are here. They'll help us restore lights and heating back to Glacier Park. Collect 900,000 coins from buildings.

Collect 80,000 coins from any animal with at least a 25% bonus.

Place 3 Ice Globes.

212700 XP

230000 coins

Hunter In Snow

Emergency Teams

Level 93

Dr. Wu will need assistance in examining the Ice Age embryos in order to isolate the feline creature. Move 6 Souvenir Outposts.

Have 250,000 coins.

Collect 10,000 coins from a Medical Ward.

232000 XP

250000 coins

Evidence of Life Level 96 What is the four-legged animal that's making tracks in the snow? Dr. Wu may be able to help you with that. Have 8 Snowy Trees.

Collect 250,000 coins from carnivores.

Have 50,000 meat.

247000 XP

132500 coins

Unexpected Promotion Level 98 Now that Dr. Wu has been reassigned, regular lab duties fall to you for the time being. Move 5 buildings.

Place 2 Crystal Clocks.

Collect from a Glacial History Museum 6 times.

262500 XP

280000 coins

The Return Level 101 Help Dr. Wu ensure that he is not missing any assets from Glacier Park. Collect 700 000 coins from the buildings.

Place 2 Security Bureau.

Place 9 Leafless Trees.

180300 XP

300000 coins

Unstable Previous Mission Dr. Wu is cataloguing any item left in Glacier Park worth salvaging. Have 10 Small Ice Sculptures.

Collect 75000 coins from any animal with at least a 30% bonus.

Place 2 Inflatable Sabertooths.

180300 XP

300000 coins

Resistance Level 102 Show Dr. Malcolm the original DNA samples that are now missing from Glacier Park. Collect 100000 coin from the Carnivores.

Collect coins from Herbivores with a bonus of at least 50%.

Collect 50000 coins from Gastornis with a bonus of at least 20%.

183900 XP

300000 coins

Insider Information Previous mission Narrow down the assets that are endangered due to the recent climate change. Have (collect coins from) 10 Herbivores with a bonus of at least 30%.

Collect (have) 90000 Meat.

Collect (have) 1500000 coins.

183900 XP

150000 coins

1 dollar

Off The Ship Level 103 Help Dr. Wu and Dr. Malcolm appropriate a vehicle to sail back to Glacier Park Activate the Crop Harbor 4 times.

Place a Communications Relay.

Collect 100000 coins.

187400 XP

300000 coins

Both Sides Level 106 Help Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Wu prepare the lifeboat before the mission begins. Move 5 Decorations.

Place 3 Lookout Points.

Collect 100,000 coins from any building with atleast a 25% bonus.

187400 XP

300000 coins

Border Crossing Level 107 Dr. Wu needs to set up plans with his contacts once they enter Argentinian Territory. Place a Security Bureau and a Frozen Lake close together.

Create a path from the Gateway to the Communication Relay using roads.

Collect 55,555 meat from the Meat Harbor.

191100 XP

300000 coins

Alternate Route Level 107 Have Dr. Malcolm take inventory of everything he needs to pilot the lifeboat. Collect 100,000 coins from a Lookout Point with at least a 25% bonus.

Collect 100,000 coins from any animal with atleast a 30% bonus.

have 70,000 crops.

191100 XP

150000 coins

1 dollar