Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Paradise On Ice Level 20 I want you directing the expedition team today. According to analysis, the Southern Patagonian ice field has veins rife with DNA samples.  Send out an Expedition helicopter.
Receive a DNA sample.
Decode the DNA sample.
2400 XP
1000 coins
2 Happy Meals Complete Afternoon Tea - Malcolm mission Look at this Entelodon specimen, he seems content to be here. Hardly a looker, sure, but I wonder what kind of food the little fella likes to eat. Place an Entelodon.
Feed an Entelodon 2 times.
2600 XP
600 coins
1 dollar
3 Conference Call Complete Lost and Found - Grant mission In anticipation of Kelly's arrival, let's make sure she receives a proper welcome! Place a Security Bureau.
Collect 3,000 coins from buildings.
Upgrade the Crops Harbor.
3300 XP
1500 coins
1 dollar
4 Change of Diet Complete Undercurrent - Grant mission I changed one of our food suppliers recently to help increase the iron and protein levels of our animals. We want them to be healthy against cold temperatures! Collect 700 meat.
Feed an animal 4 times.
4200 XP
3300 coins
1 dollar
5 Warm Welcome Level 29  Now that everyone has settled in, let's start by setting up basic things for our next big project. Have 2 animals at Level 5.
Place 2 decorations.
9500 XP
10000 coins
6 This Just In Level 31 Another mystery researcher here? We must check the satellite map for a geographical view. It might give us an idea of where he is. Collect from the Watch Tower 2 Times with at least a 5 % bonus.
Place 2 Small Ice Sculptures.
10800 XP
14200 coins
7 Cloud Nine Level 37 To establish Glacier Park's social network, each section chief must begin photographing specimens in the following order... Collect from an Entelodon with at least a 12% bonus.
Collect from a Megaloceros with at least a 16% bonus.
15200 XP
31600 coins
8 The Human Race Level 43 All resources coming into the park must be cross-referenced with the DNA strands from the embryo to take advantage of every potential specimen in Patagonia. Collect 3,000 coins from the Gastornis with at least an 18% bonus.
Collect from the meat harbor 3 times.
20400 XP
56200 coins
9 On the Trail of a Giant Level 47 Let's give Dr. Grant a hand. Round up every mammoth specimen you can and then transmit their dietary information to him as quickly as you can. Collect 2,000 coins from a Woolly Mammoth with at least a 10% bonus.
Feed a Woolly Mammoth 5 times.
24200 XP
76600 coins
10 Family Ties Level 51 Preparations to receive and host the female mammoth in our park have begun. I would like to personally supervise the installation. Place a Polar Observatory.
Expand the Glacier Park.
28400 XP
100200 coins
11 Souvenirs Level 57 My wonderful grandkids requested a souvenir each from Glacier Park. Help me choose something fun and exciting to send them. Place an Igloo.
Place an Inflatable Sabertooth.
35400 XP
141600 coins
? Baby Pictures Level 61 Use Dr. Grant's uploaded images with your research on mastodon physiology to ensure the truck is large enough. We need to get all details right. Have 6 stars collectively for herbivores.
Collect from the Woolly Mammoth 5 times.
Create a path from the Gateway to the Crystal Clock using roads.
40400 XP
173200 coins
? Let The Good Times Roll Level 65 Let's help with the baby mammoth. We're violating several park safety protocols but... keep Junior calm and distracted while we work. Place a Medium Pansies Bed.
Put a Crystal Clock and a Cave close together.
Move a Woolly Mammoth.
45800 XP
208000 coins
? Handle With Care Level 68 Take this needle and extract some of the baby mammoth's blood. We'll find out later if he's one of ours or not. Easy does it now. Collect 200,000 coins from a Woolly Mammoth with a 20% bonus.
Have 10 stars collectively for herbivores.
Place an Ice Globe.
50000 XP
118100 coins
1 dollar
? Out of Danger Level 73 We've saved the villagers of El Chatén from any danger of a rampaging mammoth. Now we need to transport her and the baby to the park safely. Collect 15,000 coins from any herbivore with at least a 20% bonus.
Place 2 Red Flower Patches.
Move a Woolly Mammoth.
57500 XP
287200 coins
Snow White Level 83 We've found a woman in the snow. We're going to need your help quickly if we want to save her life! Place a Medical Ward.

Activate the Crops Harbor 3 times.

Have 8 Snowy Trees.

370500 XP

400000 coins

? Names From The Past Level 88 Emergency response teams are on the way to Glacier Park. Let's help them reach the team at Glacier Park quickly. Create a path from the Gateway to the Hotel Four Winds

Collect 75000 coins from a Lookout Point with at least a 15% bonus

Have 10 Snowy Trees

208000 XP

112500 coins

Snooping Around Level 91? Hammond would like you to snoop around the research centers of Glacier Park in order to dig up files on Dr. Carol Milton. He'll be waiting for your results. Move a Polar Observatory.

Create a path from the Gateway to a Communication Relay using roads.

Collect 6,000 coins from an Info Igloo with at least a 15% bonus.

217400 XP

117500 coins

The Invisible Woman Snooping Around

Level 92

Hammond would like to see more of Dr. Grant's point of view before he makes any decision. Have 2000 meat.

Move 2 Lookout Points.

Collect 9,000 coins from a Polar Observatory.

222200 XP

240000 coins

The Search Renewed The Invisible Woman

Level 94

Hammond is looking for a ship that supposedly transported Dr. Milton's team months ago but sailed off course. Place 5 Watch Tower.

Collect from a Communication Relay 3 times.

Move 4 buildings.

237000 XP

127500 coins

The Giant Sleeps Level 95 Using the information that Hammond has acquired, piece together the whereabouts of the SS Arc Atlantic. Collect 3,000 coins from a Security Bureau.

Move 6 Lookout Points.

Have 4 Crevasses.

242000 XP

260000 coins

The Best Option Level 98 For the Sake of the Mammals, Hammond and Dr. Malcolm are busy locating Site C on the map. Where could it be? Collect 3 times from a Hotel Four Winds.

Move 6 Caves.

Have 7 Gardens.

257300 XP

137500 coins

Same Mistake Twice Level 105 Have Hammond continue his investigation into Dr. Malcolm's sudden disappearance. Create a path from the Gateway to a Polar Observatory using roads.

Collect 7,000 coins from an Info Igloo with at least a 20% bonus.

Collect 10,000 coins from a Watch Tower.

194700 XP

300000 coins

Great Lengths Level 105 Assist Hammond in establishing communication from the SS Arc Atlantic to Glacier Park. Place a Polar Observatory.

Move 2 Lookout Points.

Collect 10,000 coins from a Medical Ward with at least 1 15% bonus.

194700 XP

300000 coins