Index Title Prerequisite Description Tasks Reward
1 Pre-flight Check Level 25 There's a helicopter scheduled to fly us out to Southern Patagonia in a few hours. Stop by later and we'll check to see if we have everything we need for the trip. Have 50,000 coins.
Have 600 meat.
Have 700 crops.
3600 XP
4000 coins
2 Up In The Air Level 28 I'll never forget this helicopter ride. Hey, can you see anything down below? Put 3 Red Flower Patches around a Woolly Mammoth close together.
Place a Souvenir Outpost.
4500 XP
8200 coins
3 This Modern Age Up In The Air We're setting up a system to allow remote photography across the Glacier Park using tablets and other mobile devices. But we haven't worked out the bugs yet. Create a path from the Gateway to the Megaloceros using roads.
Create a path from the Gateway to the Souvenier Outpost using roads.
10100 XP
6000 coins
1 dollar
4 Camera Shy Level 35 I know. Why don't you take some pictures of the animals around Glacier Park? We'll use the app to upload the image files online later.  Place a Uintatherium.
Collect 10,000 coins from any animal with at least a 15% bonus.
13700 XP
25000 coins
5 Kid's Day Level 39 We're inviting some of the local children in the surrounding villages to visit the Glacier Park with their parents for free. Which animals should they ride on? Have 2 herbivores at Level 15.
Have 6 stars with carnivores.
16800 XP
39000 coins
6 Searching For Clues Level 49 Someone must have delivered that package to Dr. Wu. Let's put these camera stations we set up to good use. Maybe we can find the courier! Place a Medical Ward.
Collect from a Communication Relay 4 times.
26300 XP
88000 coins
7 Dead Air Level 54 We must restore Glacier Park's broadcast signal. Without it, we won't be able to contact anyone for help. Place a Communication Relay.
Create a path from the Gateway to the Communication Relay using roads.
31800 XP
60000 coins
1 dollar
8 Evidence In Snow Level 60 If we cross-reference some of these photos with the actual locations around Glacier Park, who knows? Maybe something might turn up. Let's head for the lake. Expand the Glacier Park.
Put 4 Fir Trees around a Waterfall close together.
39100 XP
82500 coins
1 dollar
9 Community Spirit Level 63 Help me uncover the locations where the snowmobile tracks are still fresh. I'll take pictures of them and upload the images to our social network. We'll get help there. Expand the Glacier Park.
Move 3 Medium Garden Trees.
Put 2 Leafless Trees around a Bridge close together.
43100 XP
190200 coins
10 Unmasked Level 67 The Security Chief says he received a fax of the driver's license. Come with me. We'll pick it up from Security together! We're finally going to learn the Iceman's identity. Place 12 roads.
Create a path from the Gateway to a Watch Tower using roads.
Place 2 Snowy Trees.
48600 XP
226600 coins
11 Holding Pattern Level 72 Dr. Wu says that I've been obsessively on the trail of Dr. Milton and that I need to take a break. Maybe he's right... I do feel a bit exhausted. Have 5500 crops.
Collect 1,000,000 coins from buildings.
Place a Big Fossil.
56000 XP
138300 coins
1 dollar
12 Short Circuit Holding Pattern Kelly's right. We'll need to go out and re-establish our communications pipeline before we can contact the rest of the team. Move a Polar Observatory.
Collect 35,000 coins from a Communication Relay.
Place 3 Snowy Trees.
62300 XP
160100 coins
1 dollar
? Anybody Listening? Short Circuit I'm opening a radio channel. I hope my dad or Mr. Hammond can hear me. Do you think you could help me boost the signal? I'm getting too much interference. Have 5 decorations.

Place a Communication Relay.

Create a path from the Gateway to the Cave using roads.

379400 XP

205000 coins

1 dollar

Staying Warm Anybody Listening? My father is relaying instructions on how to stay warm. This could be our only chance to survive out here. I'll grab blankets. Move 3 Frozen Lakes.

Place 5 Torches.

Create a path from the Gateway to the Polar Observatory using roads.

203300 XP

220000 coins

Temperature's Dropping Staying Warm Help keep Kelly warm as the emergency response crew from Buenos Aires make their way towards Glacier Park. Have 7 Medium Pansies Bed.

Place 3 Torches and a Cave close together.

Move a Woolly Mammoth.

208000 XP

112500 coins

1 dollar

Identity Revealed Level 92 Kelly is on the hunt for information that will be useful to Dr. Grant and her father. Move 5 Info Igloos.

Collect 850 coins from a Medical Ward.

Have 6 Lookout Points.

227100 XP

122500 coins

Original Member Identity Revealed

Level 95

Both Kelly and Dr. Wu are now working on finding the identities of the original people who worked for InGen. Collect 5000 coins from a Communication Relay.

Move 3 Security Bureaus.

Have 7 Medical Wards.

227100 XP

122500 Coins

1 Dollar

Deep Freeze Original Member

Level 97

Can you help Kelly as she conducts research on the various mammals residing in the ship? Move 6 Fir Trees.

Have 900,000 coins.

Move 6 herbivores.

252200 XP

270000 coins

This Is Not Goodbye Level 100 Kelly is taking over for Dr. Wu temporarily as he inspects the lab closing procedures one last time. Move 6 decorations.

Have 9 Info Igloos.

Collect 100,000 (50,000) coins from herbivores.

267800 XP

142500 coins